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Regional Export and Investment Extension Service (REIES) - Southern Adelaide Region

Building on its ground-breaking Regional Export Extension Service (REES) model, applied initially in Northwest Adelaide in the mid 1990s and subsequently in Onkaparinga/Fleurieu Peninsula (1998-2002), INSTATE has commenced work (May 2005) on an advanced application of the model in Adelaide's Southern Region - encompassing the Cities of Onkaparinga and Marion. 

This is a joint project with Adelaide-based consultancy, Hudson Howells, which had delivered the Export Enhancement Project for the City of Marion (2002-2003). 

Phase 1 of the Project involves a survey of local firms to establish the extent of un-realised export potential, perceived barriers to higher export activity levels and the 'at the elbow' support that can be provided by the Project Team to more comprehensively link the local economy to the global economy.  It will be followed by a 2-year extension service delivery phase.

The previous Onkaparinga REES project had a substantial impact on the export orientation of the region:


Japan - The Biggest Wine Market in Asia

On 8 April 2005 Denis Gastin presented a comprehensive briefing on the Japanese wine market to a group of NSW winemakers, hosted by NSW Department of State and Regional Development. 

"At a time when Australian wine companies are struggling, in the face of intense international competition, to retain and build market share in our traditional wine export markets, wine exports to Japan are booming. In the twelve months to March 2005, exports increased by 53% in volume (to 9 million litres) and 42% in value (to $48 million).

To support the efforts of NSW winemakers seeking to penetrate this complex but potentially lucrative market, DSRD recently hosted a comprehensive briefing on opportunities and challenges in the Japanese wine market. It was presented by Denis Gastin, former long-serving Senior Trade Commissioner in Tokyo and now a recognised wine writer/consultant specialising in this market.

In the course of the briefing, Denis

(Source: Foodbytes E-Newsletter Edition 18 - April 2005)

Click here for a copy of Denis' presentation


Grains Value-Adding 'Eye Opener' Workshop Series

Instate Pty Ltd, in conjunction with BR & BM Hansen Pty Ltd, sponsored by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and National Food Industry Strategy (NFIS) Ltd, is conducting a series of 13 workshops across rural NSW and SA in September and October 2004 and WA in April 2005. 

The workshops bring together regional farmer groups and grain processes to consider the opportunities to add value to grains in Australia targeting niche market opportunities in export markets and import replacement, focused particularly on Asian food consumption patterns. 

Further details on the workshop series is available here


Food Exporters' Guide To Indonesia launched

On 26 May 2004 the Food Exporters' Guide to Indonesia which Instate Pty Ltd prepared for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry was launched in Melbourne. 

Food Exporters' Guide to Indonesia presents an overview of the Indonesian food market, providing exporters with detailed practical information about this import market, drawing on fieldwork and a wide range of Indonesian, Australian and international sources.  It includes information about consumer trends, the retail and food service sector, supply chains to the market, the business and broader political and economic environment, trade data and useful sources of further information.

A copy of the report can be downloaded from here.